Building your business to not only produce a fast return on investment but also a great on-going income for your future with Kwik Kerb


For over 27 years Kwik Kerb® has been a proven success for hundreds of people around the world. It is a business that can be run full time or part time; by a single person, as a partnership; managing a small team; or owning multiple units. The key reason for this is that Kwik Kerb® is inexpensive to run with low overheads but the Kwik Kerb® product sells for a high margin.

  • Kwik Kerb® sells for approximately $20 to $35 per linear metre
  • Materials cost approximately $5 to $7 per linear metre
  • Experienced operators can install up to 100m or more kerbing in a day
  • Gross profit can be approximately $400 to $2000+ in a day

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Traditional business overheads, such as rent, electricity and wages are not necessarily part of the Kwik Kerb® business and as such allows the Kwik Kerb® business owners to operate their businesses from a very low cost base.

Sand, cement and water make up the majority of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) of the Kwik Kerb® product. Sand and cement are readily available and cheap to source locally, whereas the other element – water – is provided by your customers. Thus with inexpensive materials Kwik Kerb® offers its business owners a great high margin business opportunity.

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  • With high margins and low overheads profits can be high.
  • With no on-going franchise royalties YOU keep all the profits!

Kwik Kerb® business owners have said that they now earn more in a day with Kwik Kerb® than they did in a week in their previous jobs.

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