Kwik Kerb® has been an Australian success story for the past 27 years. One simple reason for this success is that Kwik Kerb® offers its business owners the ability to sell a unique, attractive and customisable landscaping solution to their customers.

In recent years home improvement and landscaping have been on the rise in the Australian Market. All you need to do to see this is just look at the rise in popularity of Renovation and Gardening Makeover shows or just have a look at how busy your local hardware warehouse is on a Saturday or Sunday. Australians are always looking for ways to improve their home and Kwik Kerb® gives them an ideal solution for their garden edging.

Kwik Kerb® is not only used for residential garden edging, many Kwik Kerb® business owners position themselves in the commercial sector. Concrete kerbing is found in such a wide variety of places and uses, including;


Schools                           Parks                             Car Parks                   Local Councils

Body Corporates          Office Buildings          Restaurants               Golf Courses

Petrol Stations              Churches                      Play Grounds            Industrial Bunding

Fence Lines                   Hotel/Motels               Caravan Parks           . . and many more


productThe Kwik Kerb® product itself has six standard shapes and a number of other shapes and sizes are available so that the Kwik Kerb® business owners can offer the exact solution their clients are after.


Kwik Kerb® can be created to be almost any colour, and the method in which Operators are trained to apply colour to the kerb give Kwik Kerb® a much more vibrant finish than many expect from concrete. Kwik Kerb® has recently launched its new range of colour products called Kwik Kolour®.


Kwik Kerb® can be made to look like other materials, such as SLATE, WOOD or PAVERS. However, unlike these materials it can be laid in in almost any shape, as a continuous run of concrete giving it the strength and durability that only comes from concrete.

Kwik Kerb® is a great product! It is highly versatile and can be used everywhere – every property owner (residential or commercial) can use Kwik Kerb®. It is the most attractive landscape edging solution available and serves a dual value in that is retains mulch and saves water in the garden and can increase the value for customers’ homes.

If you would like to find out more about how the Kwik Kerb® product could drive your new business please fill in the contact form and one of our Business Managers will be able to answer all your questions.

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